Zingy & Zesty Satsuma Big Gift Box

Zingy & Zesty Satsuma Big Gift Box

Sweet Mango & Strawberry Gift Pouch

Sweet Mango & Strawberry Gift Pouch

Protecting Moringa Big Gift Box

Give winter skin some TLC with the creamy and floral treats inside our Protecting Moringa Big Gift Box. Grab the body-buffing bath lily and lather up with our refreshing shower gel or soap. Smooth on a generous dollop of our Body Butter, massaging into the skin so it feels smoother, softer and protected with 48hr moisture. Follow with a couple of spritzes of our fresh and floral body mist. Finally, treat those palms and pinkies to some softness with our hydrating, pocket-sized hand cream. Made with moringa seed oil or extract, it’s the perfect Christmas treat for yourself or someone special.
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Moringa Shower Gel 250ml, Moringa Body Butter 200ml, Moringa Body Mist 100ml, Moringa Hand Cream 30ml, Moringa Soap 100g. Bath lily made with recycled plastic.
Please refer to the individual product entry within the main categories for detailed ingredient list.
1.Lather up and cleanse with our shower gel or soap. 2.Buff the body in gentle circular motions with the bath lily. Rinse. 3.Scoop out a generous dollop of our body moisturiser. 4.Massage into skin. Relax and let it sink in. 5.Finish with a fragrant spritz of our body mist. 6.Help keep hands feeling soft and smooth with a blob of hydrating hand cream. Check out our full range of Christmas gifts.
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