Fresh Nude Foundation Brush A0

Fresh Nude Foundation Brush A0

Mascara Super Volume Brown 10 ML

Mascara Super Volume Brown 10 ML

Buffing Brush A0

Build your foundation to a flawless, full coverage finish with our vegan Buffing Brush. Amazing with our Matte Clay Foundation, simply dot your foundation directly onto skin and buff in circular motions to create an even finish and build to the coverage you want. Best of all, the Buffing Brush is cruelty-free.
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Buffing Brush for liquid and cream foundation. Made from bamboo and aluminium. Nylon bristles. Vegan and cruelty-free. Perfect with our Matte Clay Foundation.
Dot your favourite foundation over your face, wherever you’d like your coverage. Use gentle circular motions to buff the foundation into your skin, creating a flawless, even finish. Apply more to build the coverage.
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